which razor blade to choose

If you were to ask to a few wise men, naturally adept to traditional shaving, what is the most subjective element in one’s shaving ritual, they will all undoubtedly respond that such element is the shaving blade. Many, in fact, are the factors that contribute in the choice of the blade that works best for each of us. To mention but a few: the shaving technique, the razor used, the sensitivity of your skin, the characteristics of your beard, etc.


A blade that gives great results for one person might be entirely unsuitable for another, and vice versa. As such, the best piece of advice one could offer to the people who have just started their journey in the wet shaving world is to try different blades, possibly all of them, so as to find the one that best suits their needs. This is a continuous exploration, to be repeated as the shaving gears change and the technique gets refined. It is a bit like finding yourself inside Star Trek’s space shuttle, the USS Enterprise, set out to explore strange new worlds or like joining the Knights Templar in search of the Holy Grail. Does it sound hyperbolic? Well, once you find the blade or the blades the best work for you, you will understand what I mean.


Many people, I know for a fact, stick with the first blade they encounter, or maybe with the one that is more easily available in their nearby shop, even though such blade might give them nicks and razor burns. Some friends I talked to even thought this was the way wet shaving is supposed to be. Nothing could be further from truth. Just give yourself the pleasure and fun of trying and experimenting with new blades. It’s very cheap to do so and will provide you with a renewed joy for the rest of your wet shaving days.


To find out which blade works best for you is preferable to stick to one blade for a few shaves, before you move to the next one. My suggestion is always to compare two blades at the same time and only change blade once you have confidently established that one blade is better than the other. If you are wondering what I mean here by “better”, I simply refer to the possibility of producing strokes that are effective in reducing your beard, yet they leave you without nicks or razor burns.


Life is done of many small daily habits dotted by a few big events that often change your life in remarkable ways. Sometimes we don’t realize it, but the apparently tiny daily habits also have a profound impact in our life, simply because we repeat them every day. I don’t want to argue whether shaving belongs to this category or not (though I think that is the case). I do believe, though, that finding the right gears for this daily activity it’s a fun effort worth carrying out. After all shavers spend, in average, 1% to 2% of their life in shaving so better make it a pleasurable moment rather than a gruesome one.


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