Feather Double Edge Razor Blades

Made in Japan, the country that knows a thing or two about blade-making, Feather double edge blades are one of the sharpest blades in the market and possibly the most famous product from such brand.

Feather blades are produced in Seki, a city whose cutlery tradition was started in the 13th century when the master swordsmith
Motoshige, attracted by good quality iron sand, water from the mountains and timber for charcoal, moved to Seki to craft his fine swords.

Nowadays Seki produces all types of blades: razors, scissors, kitchen knives, sports knives, surgical blades, samurai swords and, needless to say, razor blades.

Sharp as they are, Feather double edge blades are an excellent option for tough beards, but are better suited for experienced
shavers. If you have a sensitive skin, prepare yourself adequately and gradually remove your beard without exercising too much pressure. A distraction might easily cost you a nick or cut.

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